The 716 Wrap by Kraving Thyme

The 716 Wrap is wonderful. It has some kick and a little crunch, but nothing too overpowering. You can even load it up with Franks Hot Sauce if it's too mild.

This is my favorite offering by Kraving Thyme. You can find them on Facebook, click the link. They also have a website. You won't be disappointed. 

From their pages: 

"We are switching things up! Every week we will change up the menu. It will be a combination of new meals and rotating previous favorites so you don't get bored! Eating and fueling your body should be exciting and delicious... never boring!"

They can deliver your meals or you can arrange to pick them. I use the delivery option and it's perfect. They give you a heads up before them come, so you can have the fridge ready for your order. Again, each meal is individually package, so your fridge turns into a grab-n-go location at home. 

Go ahead and give it a try.  

Kraving Thyme Family Meal Prep
10065 Niagara Falls Blvd
Niagara Falls, NY 14304


Sundays: 10 am - 4 pm


Sundays: You will get a call or text before we get to your location.


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