TeeBcharming - Gorgeous Handmade Bracelets, with Love (#TeeBcharming)

Check out TeeBcharming's wonderful handmade bracelets over on Facebook. Teirra hand crafts each bracelet herself, right here in the 716. Beads, charms, and flash are all put together for you. You can have a lot of flash or more low key style for subtle hint of whimsical charm. 

TeeBcharming bracelets are great gifts for those special events like birthdays and anniversaries. 

If you are more the athletic type or a sports fan, ask her what she can do for you and your team. Pictured below is her Buffalo Bills themed bracelet, but she has done other teams like the Steelers. 

She does sell out from time to time and is always dreaming up more designs, so be sure to check with her frequenty. Use the hashtag #TeeBcharming on Facebook or drop her profile to see what she'd beading up. 


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  2. Hi, PR Designs. The 716 Exchange is limited to creators in the Western New York area, 716 is the phone exchange code.

    While I don't generally allow promotion of businesses outside of the area, you bracelets look cool. Nothing like Tee's handcrafted designs, but cool none the less.

    Good luck with your enterprise.


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