Restarant Helper - Londa's Diner 576 Dick Rd, Depew, NY 14043

I love Londa's Diner. It's hop, skip and a jump from my house, so I should go there more often. 

They have breakfast, lunch and dinner. The atmosphere is like a relaxed 1960's dinner. Portions sizes are excellent and the staff are super friendly. 

It feels like home. In fact, they have a screen door, just like home. 

Booths on the right and a counter on the left. Usually, it's seat yourself, but I'll to check back on that. 2020 can't resist changing things. On the positive side, it looks like they have a new menu addition for 2020, deserts by Kathy. 

I see they have recently reopened and I can't wait to go back. Use the link above to follow their Facebook page, check out the hours and menu. 

They are located in the Dick-Urban Plaza. 

My wife hate's photo ops at Londa's, but she does like the food. 
Don't take my picture!

So I've had to recruit the kids, who do like Londa's and pictures. 

They have a great Reuben sandwich and the chicken fingers are awesome. I think my daughter ordered a grilled cheese with a side of blue cheese in the image below. 

Check them out, they are awesome. 


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