Fine Apparel by PARKWOOD CO. Buffalo, New York

#PARKWOODCO at Etsy is a local Western New York producer of the finest quality t-shirts and children's apparel. I wish my kids were younger, because their onesies and bandanna style bibs are awesome. My personal favorite is the "Locally Brewed" announcement onesie

They have been in the business of pairing Hotronix presses with high quality fabrics since 2010. The quality of this combo guarantees your product can withstand 50 washes rather than 5-10 washes of other t-shirts. Talk about 50 mission crush, these t-shirts wear like iron. (Get it?) 

While they are focused on Tee's, onesies and bibs, I love the coffee mugs. Probably too much. Check out their store and story at Etsy.  


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